About Dev-Biz, Inc. and the Game Dev Kit

Dev-Biz, Inc., was formed by Game Attorney Tom Buscaglia to market the Game Dev Lit and related products and services outside of his regular law firm practice at T. H. Buscaglia and Associates in Miami, Florida. Nothing on this site or in the Kit should be considered to be formal legal advice nor does the viewing of this site or the purchase of the Kit establish an attorney client relationship between the firm and the viewer or customer.

If you are interested in formally retaining the services of Tom Buscaglia and his firm, call him at (888)848-GLAW. But remember, just like is says elsewhere on this site, the Kit costs less that an hour of Tom's time. So, if he is willing to take the time to speak with you in a consultation, please respect his time and make sure you are organized before you call him. It will same you both a great deal of time and frustration.

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